At the Very Heart of Innovative Banking

Commercial Banking Applications AS (CBA) is a Norwegian software house and premier player in the development and delivery of solutions for the administration of banking services.

We are viewed as a stalwart of the banking systems market, a constant in a market of great flux. We have huge depth of experience and 25+ years track-record of serving our customers.

Privately-owned and still in the hands of our original founders, we believe in building true partnerships, reflected in the long-term and proactive relationships that we have with our customers.

We are based in Oslo, so reside within a universally recognised sophisticated banking market, but serving customers on multiple continents both directly and through well-established strategic alliances and partnerships.

Extraordinary Management and Employees

Our employees have on average 15 years of experience, so they understand banking and technology and can talk the same language as our customers.

We continue to help our customers succeed by providing the best commercial banking systems solutions available in the market today – and our extraordinary management and employees make it all possible.