Since our founding in 1983, CBA has remained firmly focused on providing modern technology solutions for banking and finance.

We have continually broken new ground in pioneering ‘best of breed’ solutions across the banking industry and in providing competitive advantage opportunities for banks around the world.

We started developing the first version of our IT solution, called ‘International Banking Automation System’, better known as IBAS, in 1984. Following its commercial release in 1987, IBAS became an immediate success.

Over the course of the next few years, CBA carried out more than 100 successful installation projects of IBAS at 64 banks and across 22 countries.

The period around the turn of the millennium and the introduction of the Euro brought with it a number of market-related restrictions, with the international financial authorities prohibiting changes to banks’ and financial institutions’ central operations systems. CBA made full use of this dormant period, stepping back from the active market to revitalise the by now ‘stale’ banking systems industry and chose to embark on a complete re-write of IBAS based on 100 percent post-Y2K technology.

It is this combination of forward-thinking and determination that has resulted in the market’s most important advancement in banking systems solutions today – we call it IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory.