CBA, a global provider of banking IT solutions and services, today announced that it has signed a Partner Agreement with Bolero. The purpose of the co-operation is to develop the interfaces between IBAS GTF - Global Trade Finance Factory and Bolero, with Fortis Bank (Netherlands) to be the first taker. Phase 1 is for Documentary Credits and will be delivered in June 2010.  Phase 2 covers Guarantees and Phase 3 covers Documentary Collections.

About Bolero:

Founded in 1998, Bolero brings Corporates, Commodity Traders and their Banks together to share the benefits of collaborative Trade Finance, providing an open, neutral and secure multi-party channel designed specifically for the fully electronic communication of trade and trade finance documents and related messages. In addition, Bolero delivers powerful collaborative Trade Finance solutions delivered as a global hosted service reducing the cost of deployment and substantially reducing the time to benefit.

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