SingaporeIBAS GTF - Global Trade Finance Factory: Sophisticated interfaces provide full integration.

CBA has designed, built and delivered several sophisticated two-way interfaces between IBAS GTF - Global Trade Finance Factory and its various components, and a wide number of independent and other 3rd party customer front-end systems.

These ready-to-go interfaces - all of which operate acorss different environments, and protocols - ensure optimal operational performance by providing real-time communication and automated message processing between disparate entities.  As such, IBAS User Banks can significantly increase workflow automation.

Interfaces currently in live production between IBAS GTF and other systems include: various core banking systems, customer front-end systems, account managmenet systems, data warehousing, embargo list control, imaging, pricing, exchange rates and reporting systems.

As banks look to improve their financial position and reduce risk exposure, they are looking to optimise their operations across multiple products and countries.  CBA is helping its User Banks to transform their operations into fully integrated, cost-effective systems that drive operational efficiency.  What's more, the advanced technology design of IBAS means that it can be deployed within any size bank or financial institution faster, with dramatically lowered costs, and with much less effort.