SingaporeCBA is pleased to announce that Release 10.20 of IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory has been successfully implemented at CBA's IBAS user banks.

This latest IBAS Release offers customers a host of new features, enriched product and operational functionality, technical improvements, smoother workflows, as well as continued synchronisation with new industry standards, such as SWIFT releases.  It improves the overall user experience as CBA moves forward in helping customers increase productivity and allows for more flexibility in how the business can be performed.  This latest IBAS Release will help our customers continue to create better business advantages, and more particularly, well-controlled and cost-efficient bank operations.

The flexibility of IBAS GBF allows all IBAS User Banks to run on one single global source code per IBAS release.

CBA has developed sophisticated release upgrade systems to automate the implementation of a new IBAS release, including taking care of all investment of specialities made by and for each IBAS User Bank.  This, therefore, significantly reduces project risk, cost, resources and time required to carry out upgrades.

IBAS GBF provides banks of all sizes with the only genuinely modern suite of modular, but integrated banking application systems available, and is proven to achieve some of the highest and most successful straight-through processing rates in the market.

IBAS Release 10.20 is a reflection of CBA’s collaborative working approach with customers and is in direct response to important market challenges.  CBA is committed to continual investment in its technology, functionality and range of product offerings.