SingaporeCBA is pleased to announce the introduction of IBAS SLM - Service Level Management and Monitoring System, an innovative end-to-end service level management and monitoring solution, specifically designed for the modern commercial bank striving to optimize and manage their internal business event handling within the service levels agreed with its customers.

 IBAS SLM delivers robust functionality for defining service levels, storing data about each processing step in the handling of business events per product.

Once implemented, it will automatically store, report and follow-up the business events through the organisation without unnecessary administrative burden so tasks are completed efficiently.

Users are able to access information at every stage of the processing steps, and the monitoring system will report and warn about issues enabling the bank to take immediate remedial action where necessary.

IBAS SLM can handle any manual operation as well as automated business events.  It can be integrated with the IBAS Business Events Processing in any IBAS Application, and can handle processing across products as well as combined events for different products.

IBAS SLM is closely integrated with the common core systems of the IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory, such as the IBAS WFL - Workflow Management and Monitoring System, used to manage and follow-up the workflow for processing of business events both for customers and for internal events at the bank.

This modern functionality ensures that customer banks can gain real-time visibility into the processes driving their organisation.

For more information, please contact CBA.