CBA is committed to delivering a level of service, support and training to our customers that exceeds their expectations. We understand the challenges faced by banks and other financial institutions when new technology solutions are adopted. When we recruit new staff, we’re very selective. Our consultants have considerable experience of banking and financial services, and actively assist our customers during planning and installation, ensuring that new IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory solutions satisfy our strict requirements for cost-efficiency and security.

Competent Assistance and Support

It goes without saying that CBA offers thorough assistance and support to all IBAS GBF users and can adapt these levels of support depending on individual ability and needs. Requests for service are registered and processed through our IBAS GBF Maintenance & Support system, which also contains information on feedback to users and a service log for the IBAS GBF installations.

Training and Educational Services

We place special emphasis on ensuring our IBAS GBF users feel completely confident with the system so we offer a comprehensive training programme to new users. As an extra service, we can also offer training tailored to individual requirements, both in banking and financial services. Special training is also offered in connection with new system releases and the development of new facilities.