The modular nature of IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory allows banks to plan for incremental implementation, following a consistent path of innovation with increasing efficiency, whilst adhering to existing processes and procedures.

CBA brings almost thirty years of extensive experience in banking and financial services technologies to its installation and implementation services offerings.  Our team of professionals provide project management, installation and implementation for CBA’s IBAS GBF application solutions.  Our team will work closely and partner with you on managing and executing your projects towards the desired requirements.

The installation project services covers services supplied in relation to installation, implementation and customer adaptations of the IBAS GBF systems; including training and education, through to preparing you for live production.

Successful implementations must start on a solid foundation.  Our pre-implementation services team will analyse your infrastructure and operations environment and work closely with your team to build a plan for successful implementation of your new IBAS GBF system.  During this initial phase, both parties will participate in preparing a pre-project plan detailing resources, time scheduling, specifications for interfaces and any bespoke development required for the entire project.

Our installation specialists test, configure and install the system elements needed for successful installation and will help ensure that each of your installation project efforts – from small projects to more complex multi-country projects deliver on-time, on-budget results.

Bespoke Items and Enhancements
Customers often require specific items and/or enhancements provided on a bespoke basis; particularly in relation to specific interfaces and integration to existing systems and reporting. Once requirements are identified and agreed, CBA will deliver to your specifications, along with any necessary training, documentation, and follow-on services for a successful IBAS GBF experience.

Training and Educational Services
We place special emphasis on ensuring our IBAS GBF users feel completely confident with the system so we offer a comprehensive training programme to new users. As an extra service, we can also offer training tailored to individual requirements, which can include banking and financial services. Special training is also offered in connection with new system releases and the development of new facilities.