Integration can be a daunting task and often a major risk for most institutions. Only when your new system is integrated into the many value and control chains - and how it fits and collaborates with existing systems - will it show an institution its real value.

Integration is an area where IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory comes into its own. Parameterisation of components, specific integration enabling objects, and configurable messaging allows simple integration with most legacy systems.

Functionality Highlights:
  • Full multi-entity, multi-language, multi-currency
  • Industry standard message formats (File-Act, Inter-Act, XML, SWIFTNet, etc.)
  • Message Generation and Transformation
  • Message Validation including all SWIFT MT messages
  • User definable message Routing and Workflow
  • Message Storage, Archive and Audit
  • User definable message Enquires and Reporting
  • Message Input, Modify and Repair
  • Message Authorisation and Verification
  • Message Transmission and delivery - FIN, MQSA, MQ, Files, JDBC, JMS, HTTP, email, etc.
  • Message Monitoring, status tracking and alerting, including SWIFT etc.
  • Connectivity to SWIFT Alliance, Bolero, IBM Merva, etc.

Using the IBAS GBF interface modules, financial institutions are reducing complexity and enabling real-time visibility over their global business.  Managing the high volumes of daily events and transactions is critical.   IBAS GBF allows financial institutions to easily integrate with existing systems in order to share data in a secure, accurate, and highly cost-effective way across  processes, protocols and standards, and on a single platform.

As a single central platform, IBAS GBF ensures that systems are capable of reciprocal operation and protect the bank's legacy applications. It is proven to control costs and help banks adapt quickly to regulatory and market changes.  As banks look to improve their financial position and reduce risk exposure, they need to optimise their operations across multiple product areas and in multiple countries.  IBAS GBF is helping these customers to transform their operations into integrated, cost-effective systems that drive operational efficiency.

Follow this link for more detailed IBAS GBF information, or email CBA