Today, banks realise that they must respond to the market forces shaping the Account Management-related services they offer in order to stay competitive.  Even large multinationals are largely reliant on manual processes when dealing with their banks, and are often under-resourced.

Banks and corporates are still struggling with the manual and cumbersome process of opening, closing and maintaining bank accounts. They realise that they need better control of their accounts and a standard way to communicate with their customers, however, they are finding it hard to respond quickly to new initiatives due to lack of agility and IT systems.  In order to improve account management services, banks and corporate will need to reassess their existing systems and invest in new technology in order to deliver real value to customers on an ongoing basis.

IBAS GAF - Global Account Management Factory offers an extensive range of functionality through a number of modular and integrated IBAS Applications.  It features both customer front-end solutions and back-office banking solutions with advanced STP, E2E and B2B coverage.

IBAS GAF reflects a vast experience in global banking markets; its functionality is continually upgraded.

Functionality Highlights:
  • Reconciliations and management of all account types
  • Real-time currency positions on settlement accounts
  • Real-time liquidity management
  • Periodical counterparty billing
  • Incoming and outgoing accounting entries (ISO Standard)
  • Business event work flow engine
  • Service level monitoring
  • Claims & investigations
  • Customer front-end systems

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely short implementation period
  • Low implementation costs
  • New releases with low operational costs
  • Best practice international industry protocols and standards
  • Guaranteed efficiency and flexibility
  • Improved and increased customer service
  • Greater business volumes and capability
  • Increased accuracy and productivity
  • Full future flexibility

The modular nature of IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory means that it can range from a total banking system to a specialist system for a niche product area, such as Account Management.  Learn more about IBAS GBF below.