The IBAS GFF - Global Financing & Loans Management Factory allows users to get the right data, at the right time, in order to move transactions more efficiently through the workflow chain, and to get them to the right areas of the system. This not only addresses the key area of risk assessment, but it also saves financial institutions time and money by reducing delays in the workflow.

IBAS GFF offers a feature-rich, multi-currency, multi-branch solution that enables institutions to effectively manage their company-wide financing and loans business from a single platform. Seamless coverage is provided at every stage of the loan lifecycle.

IBAS GFF reflects a vast experience in global banking markets: its functionality is continually upgraded.

Functionality Highlights:
  • Currency borrowing
  • Collateral management
  • Credits & mortgages
  • Money broking
  • Syndicated loans management
  • Legal collections
  • Troubled debt restructuring / refinancing
  • Bankruptcy administration
  • Customer front-end systems

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely short implementation period
  • Low implementation costs
  • New releases with low operational costs
  • Best practice international industry protocols and standards
  • Guaranteed efficiency and flexibility
  • Improved and increased customer service
  • Greater business volumes and capability
  • Increased accuracy and productivity
  • Full future flexibility

The modular nature of IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory means that it can range from a total banking system to a specialist system for a niche product area, such as financing and loans.  Learn more about IBAS GBF below.