IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory is a 100 percent Java, object-oriented and component-based solution built on international standards and a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This brings complete flexibility in terms of set-up, allowing customers to create and change product attributes and workflows, resulting in rapid time to market, the ability to react ahead of the competition to market changes and opportunities, the ability to bundle products and, gain optimal efficiency through straight-through processing. The open, modern, efficient and effective design of the system means customers receive a system which is easily maintained and updated.

The system is called IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory for good reason: it finally delivers the previously elusive but much touted ability to bring manufacturing concepts to banking. The structural design is reflected in the fact that we are the only company in the industry willing to guarantee high STP payment rates when using IBAS GBF for cross-border payments.

A Global Package Solution

The niche ‘best of breed’ solutions within IBAS GBF are based on a single system using a series of integrated common tables, rules, objects and components, and presented through a graphical user interface.

Industry Challenges
  • Reduce IT maintenance and development costs
  • Reduce platform costs
  • Combat technology obsolescence
  • Improve systems scalability, flexibility and modularity
  • Move to real-time systems
  • Easy delivery of new functionality and new products
  • IT to help support revenue growth
How IBAS GBF Helps:
  • Replaces aging, unsuitable technology with  a highly scalable, secure, flexible and modular system
  • Gives banks a choice of components to deploy
  • Enables banks to maintain compliance with existing regulations and easy to adapt to handle new regulatory requirements
  • Streamlines end-to-end processes through full automation and intuitive processes
  • Achieves some of the highest STP rates
  • Fosters business innovations and speeds up time-to-market of new products
  • Provides real-time on-the-fly reports giving a 'single view of the world' using components that link, aggregate and visualise data from many systems
It has been designed and developed, from the outset, as a real global package solution for fast implementations and without the need for programming to meet every client’s specific requirements. Using parameters and rules, the system can be easily adapted to meet the bank’s requisite functionality and can be scaled as the bank requests. This is all done without the philosophy of IBAS GBF as a common and global package solution being compromised.

Technical Flexibility

From a technical perspective, the flexibility means the system is independent of language, operating systems, database, hardware and delivery channel. It only requires the installation of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to facilitate the IBAS Application Server and web-based User Interfaces. An optional web server can be installed to facilitate access to the Java Applets and HTML documents. The Java architecture provides key benefits that include integrated security, easy scalability and extremely low distribution and operating costs.

Low Cost of Ownership

No software from CBA is installed on employee or customer PCs. This centralised installation set-up serves to markedly reduce the 'Total Cost of Ownership', as well as facilitating system updates at any time without large installation and configuration projects. The development methodology ensures that the same system handles different countries, currencies, languages, banks, etc, without the need for reprogramming.

IBAS GBF Key Benefits:
  • Extremely short implementation period
  • Low implementation costs
  • New releases with low operational costs
  • Best practice international industry protocols and standards
  • Guaranteed efficiency and flexibility
  • Improved and increased customer service
  • Greater business volumes and capability
  • Increased accuracy and productivity
  • Full future flexibility

The following Solution areas make up IBAS GBF – Global Banking Factory and are all built using international standards (click on a relevant solution area to find out more):

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