Factoring is among the most dynamically advancing financial services product of the last few years.  CBA is responding to this vibrant market by offering financial institutions one single global solution that helps them build profitability, market share and reach, customer service, competitive pricing, and product innovation.

IBAS GIF - Global Factoring & Invoicing Factory will streamline the flow of information and fully automate operations from invoicing and financing through collections, allowing staff to be utilised in other more beneficial areas.  In addition, the modern technology approach allows for easy integration with existing systems and adherence to ever-changing international regulations.

IBAS GIF offers a wide range of advanced functionalities and business coverage, real-time management of transactions and data and simple product innovation.  An institution can implement the same levels of solution sophistication in any market it enters into, using one single method of handling the business, whilst also adapting to local market requirements.  Customisation of IBAS GIF can be undertaken using a financial institution’s own in-house expertise, eliminating the need to undertake time consuming and expensive IT outsourcing.

IBAS GIF reflects a vast experience in global banking markets; its functionality is continually upgraded.

Functionality Highlights:
  • Invoice processing
  • Factoring management
  • Purchase of claims
  • Collection processing

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely short implementation period
  • Low implementation costs
  • New releases with low operational costs
  • Best practice international industry protocols and standards
  • Guaranteed efficiency and flexibility
  • Improved and increased customer service
  • Greater business volumes and capability
  • Increased accuracy and productivity
  • Full future flexibility

The modular nature of IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory means that it can range from a total banking system to a specialist system for a niche product area, such as invoicing and factoring.  Learn more about IBAS GBF below.