While many banking operations are becoming increasingly automated, trade finance transactions are still typified by a great deal of manual processing. Legacy systems and manual processes are proving to be the barriers to operational efficiency.

Each step of the process (importer-to-bank, bank-to-bank and bank-to-exporter) takes time and creates significant scope for error. This results in documents being sent back and forth, often many times, creating further delays. Focus must be, therefore, centered strongly on investment in innovative and cutting-edge solutions in order to expose greater yields from the supply chain.

IBAS GTF - Global Trade Finance Factory offers both local and global banks the most sophisticated and functionally rich trade finance solution available in today’s market.

IBAS GTF automates almost every step of the trade finance business flow, thus minimising the need for data entry at all stages of the process. It is designed to satisfy and support the complete processing and reporting needs for documentary credits, collections, guarantees and reimbursements. It also automatically captures and generates SWIFT messages and documents and facilitates a number of integrations on behalf of the bank, such as to core banking systems, SWIFT and other messaging and front-end systems.

CBA has completed the certification process from SWIFT in recognition of its compliance with SWIFT's certification criteria, its integration with the SWIFT environment, and the solution's contribution to creating more efficient trade finance operations and management.  CBA has an ongoing commitment towards adopting and promoting industry standards for the entire global trade finance industry.

IBAS GTF reflects a vast experience in global banking markets; its functionality is continually upgraded.

Functionality Highlights:
  • Export / import documentary credits
  • Export / import documentary collections
  • Export / import clean collections
  • Domestic guarantees
  • Inward / outward guarantees (banks and customers)
  • Reimbursement authorisations
  • Full customer front-end functionality covering import / export credits, collections and guarantees
  • Full Mid and Back Office functionality covering import / export / outward / inward credits, collections, guarantees and reimbursements.

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely short implementation period
  • Low implementation costs
  • New releases with low operational costs
  • Best practice international industry protocols and standards
  • Guaranteed efficiency and flexibility
  • Improved and increased customer service
  • Greater business volumes and capability
  • Increased accuracy and productivity
  • Full future flexibility

The modular nature of IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory means that it can range from a total banking system to a specialist system for a niche product area, such as trade finance.  Learn more about IBAS GBF below.