Modern Solutions for Banking & Finance

IBAS GBF - Global Banking Factory is a new solution designed and developed on the latest technology (100% Java, object-oriented and on a Service Oriented Architecture – SOA) which has unprecedented flexibility and openness through its true component-based design.

Its functionality is based on a single core system using a series of integrated common tables, rules and objects, and presented through a graphical user interface.  It is fully component-based and object-oriented and has been designed and developed, from the outset, as a real global package solution, for fast implementation and without the need for programming to meet every client’s specific requirements.

Using parameters and rules, the system can easily be adapted to meet the bank’s requisite functionality.  This is all done without the system being compromised. Fully assembled, the objects and the components form a complete and stable banking solution.  Individually, the objects and the components replace and modernise, saving costs and preparing for the future.  

The inherent flexibility of IBAS GBF means banks can rapidly tailor it to meet their current needs and can keep pace with all future requirements, bringing a competitive edge plus reduced overheads from improved straight-through processing.

Key Features:

  • User friendly & efficient graphical user interface
  • Developed in 100% Java, which provides:
    • Internet readiness
    • Platform independence (portability)
    • Scalable, secure & modular
    • Lightweight distribution model and thin clients; eliminates installation headaches and lowers maintenance costs
    • Easy development
  • Multi-currency, multi-language and multi-country incorporated
  • Industry standard message formats (XML, SWIFTNet, etc.)
  • Industry standard relational databases
  • Multi-tier architecture

IBAS GBF is one of few banking systems on the market today that is modular and, at the same time, a fully integrated package solution.  It is proven in live sites and spans a broad range of areas, including: payments, trade finance, financing and loans, forex & MM, invoicing, factoring, and account management, as a global package.